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Tips for travelling

Posted March 23, 2017, 4:19 p.m. By mziwaziwa Tags: Travel

How to travel around the world:

1. You need to save up some money
It costs a lot to buy all those plane tickets and to pay for places to live at. And food, lots of food! When you travel around the room you need to try out the different kinds of food. 
2. You kind of need a plan
Sure being spontaneous is really funny, but you need to map out the different places you want to travel to. You can't just show up at a country. Some countries need you to have visas or some other kinds of papers. Therefore you need to have sorted that out at first. 
3. If you find a good place it's okay to stay or come back
I really love the stockholm archipelago. It is so beautiful, peaceful and serene. Even though you have plans to travel around the world, if you have time don't stress, just stay if you want to stay, or leave if you want to leave. Many people feel the need to visit as many countries as they can in a very short amount of time. But travelling is supposed to be funny and relaxing. And you can't enjoy another country if you don't have time and only think about what time you're leaving.
4. Try all the things
Okay maybe not ALL the things. But new things. If you find it interesting, try it, this is your chance. We rented a boat in stockholm and it was awesome and we've never done anything like that before. If you want to go on a safari in africa that's your chance if you go there sometimes.

That's just a part of the stuff I have learned on my travels. I'lll upload some more tips and tricks next week or so. Until then, bye!